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I am the new shit

Name: Brittany but I more or less go by Britt or Brie

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Location: Wisconsin

10 of your favorite bands: The Used, My Chemical romance, Bosio, Boys Night Out, Skid Row, Guns N' Roses, Poison, The Academy Is, CKY, Fall Out Boy

5 of your favorite movies: The Crow, The Lost Boys, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sid and Nancy, Finding Nemo

Favorite Color: Pink Black and Green

Hobbies: Dance it's my life and singing

Why we should accept you: I can't tell you that you should accept me but it would be nice because I do believe that I would fit in rather nice here

Your opinion on..

Vegetarianism/veganism: I used to be a vegetarian so I think it's cool and all but I've been bck on meet for about 2 years now. I tend to avoid a lot of meet though it kinda grosses me out so yeah

Abortion: Not something for me but the fact that the girl always has the choice if it is the best or only alternative for her is a good thing

Suicide: Eek that's perminate totally something that I wouldn't do I have a great appreaction for life and living each day to the max

Drugs: Not my thing at all I have friends that do them and that's their choice but you'll never catch me using

Gay Marriages: Totally support it I have gay friends and they're people so why would you rob them of the right to get married?

George Bush: uhh I honestly don't have much of an opinion on him I don't like to talk about politics much

Where did you hear us[username and/or community]:00slash00

Promote us and where:

Pictures of yourself:
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