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I am the new shit

Name: Brittany but I more or less go by Britt or Brie

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Location: Wisconsin

10 of your favorite bands: The Used, My Chemical romance, Bosio, Boys Night Out, Skid Row, Guns N' Roses, Poison, The Academy Is, CKY, Fall Out Boy

5 of your favorite movies: The Crow, The Lost Boys, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sid and Nancy, Finding Nemo

Favorite Color: Pink Black and Green

Hobbies: Dance it's my life and singing

Why we should accept you: I can't tell you that you should accept me but it would be nice because I do believe that I would fit in rather nice here

Your opinion on..

Vegetarianism/veganism: I used to be a vegetarian so I think it's cool and all but I've been bck on meet for about 2 years now. I tend to avoid a lot of meet though it kinda grosses me out so yeah

Abortion: Not something for me but the fact that the girl always has the choice if it is the best or only alternative for her is a good thing

Suicide: Eek that's perminate totally something that I wouldn't do I have a great appreaction for life and living each day to the max

Drugs: Not my thing at all I have friends that do them and that's their choice but you'll never catch me using

Gay Marriages: Totally support it I have gay friends and they're people so why would you rob them of the right to get married?

George Bush: uhh I honestly don't have much of an opinion on him I don't like to talk about politics much

Where did you hear us[username and/or community]:00slash00

Promote us and where:

Pictures of yourself:
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Sorry I forgot to bold my answers and I can't figure out how to edit my application without redoing to whole thing
this communities dead, obviously?
you really arent anything too special
bands are average.
movies are about average
colors are cliche.
You dont have anything to spark my attention in opinions...
i like your eye makeup in the last picture
but its not enough in my say.

have a great summer yo.
I was going to say yes..

but you spelled PERMANENT wrong.

Nothing bugs me more than kids who can't spell elementary school words. Holy fucking shit.

And your make-up makes you look like a clown, do yourself a favor and wash it off.
PS - meAt not meEt. Meat is edible. Meet is a VERB.
im going to say yes for not particular reason other than maybe you could bring this dead community back to life which would be nice

oh and i love you eyes