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Well I haven't been active in a while so I'm posting LOTS of pictures for your viewing pleasure!! ENJOY

Saturday my friend Chelsea and I strighten one of my good guy friend Scotty's hair! OMG it was awesome!! Well I took pictures so check them out...
Scotty B4

After we combed his hair

Chelsea put it in a pony tail

Scotty After

The back

Scotty and Chelsea

Me and Chelsea (the hair stylist)

Now a couple random pics taken the same night


Me and Ryan (he closed his eyes)

Ryan's Dog Goldie!!

Chelsea trying to lick Goldie!! HAHA

Scotty and Mark hiding from the camera

Last week I had my neice Daeja here with me for a couple days and we took some pictures! They are so cute! Check them out NOW!!
Daeja when she didn't want her picture taken

Daeja in her spiderman pjs

Daeja and my doggy Candy

Daeja smiling

Daeja with her doggy on her head

Me and Daeja smiling pretty

Us acting silly

Me, Candy and Daeja

Us just being "normal" daeja says


Me and Daeja with a kiss

My mom and her bf Greg also went to the Detroit Auto show.. here are some pics of them there...

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