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im the new shit

Name: Andrew, but everyone calls me slash (theres a small story behind how i got that nickname, if you feel like hearing it then ask me)

Age: 18 but ill be 19 in april

Sex: Male

Location: Philadelphia, PA

10 of your favorite bands: The Seatbelts, Thrice, AFI, Van Halen, Shortbus Boys, Sex Pistols, Foreigner, Led Zeppelin, Anti-Flag (some songs), and, The Popos..if im in the right mood

5 of your favorite movies: An Evening With Kevin Smith, Clerks, Chasing Amy, Max, Dogma

Favorite Color: Black

Hobbies: Writing, playing the drums, building

Why we should accept you: I'm pretty easy going a lot of the time, apparently I can be quite funny once you get to know me, and  I can assure you I will be active in the community

Your opinion on..

Vegetarianism/veganism: I'm not a vegetarian.  I tried to be once but there are just too many McDonalds around me and I couldn't stay off meat.  I respect people who are able to stick with the whole vegetarian thing

Abortion: This is probably this only area where I have kind of a conservative view.  I'm against abortion and think it should only be used if a woman is raped or financially cant support a child a child or something like that.

Suicide: I'm sure most people have considered suicide (or maybe its just the area I live in that makes people wanna kill themselves).  off and on, over the years, I have thought about killing myself.  obviously, that never happened.  I think it's terrible that people don't feel like they can handle their problems and kill themselves, hurting their family, friends, and everyone else who cares about them.  I think there should always be a better answer.  besides, the world is supposed to end in 2012 and you wouldnt want to miss that (sorry, I have a friend who is a big conspiracy theorist)

Drugs: I don't know if this includes alcohol, but I enjoy smoking pot and drinking, whenever possible.  However, I don't approve of harder drugs like cocaine, acid, ect.  I've never tried harder drugs and I don't plan to.  I'm not gonna try and tell someone what they can and can't do, but I prefer that my friends and people close to me do not do those kinds of drugs, as I would prefer they didn't mess up their lives.

Gay Marriages:  I approve of gay marriage completely.  I'm pretty passionate about this subject, actually, even though I'm not gay and do not have any gay friends.  I just think that everyone deserves equal rights, regardless of their sexual orientation.  If two people love eachother, then who are we to stop them from getting married?

George Bush:  Alright, I'm not a huge fan of Bush, but I dont hate him either.  I think he has deffinitely made some bad choices, but I don't think he's an awful president.  Everyone at my school is pretty hardcore liberal and everyone in my family (except me) is hardcore conservative.  Pressure from my friends and pressure from my family puts me in a sort of "I don't care, I'm sick of politics" position

Where did you hear us[username and/or community]:  k0nst4ntin3 - username

Promote us and where:

Pictures of yourself:  Sorry about the picture quality...I don't have a digital camera so, except for the rare occasions when someone lets me use theirs, I have to use my camera phone.  Sorry.

Probably one of the few decent pictures of me, and the quilty is terrible

Me with my camera phone

Me after...god knows how many cans of rolling rock

Stamps and Promo Picture:
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