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hey guys... Sorry I've been inactive for a little while. I've been real busy but I got some pictures for your viewing pleasure!!

Last night I went to the skate park with some friends and my bf. If you didn't know they all ride bikes but I thought it would be cool to show you guys some pictures. (I coudln't figure out my shutter timing so I didn't get very good ones!! Sorry) But here they are...

These are of Clint riding

He also did I backflip on his bike but everytime I tried to take the picture it didn't turn out!!

These are of Mark

These are of my bf Ryan

One of all the guys (Mark, Clint, Scotty and Ryan)

and One of me and my bf Ryan

also some random pictures from a party a while ago

My friends Brie and Scotty

Clint Drunk (stole the camera)

Me and Brie

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